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Yet so childish but I want to keep you. Maybe we ns of this lack of contact, unfortunately fate wants us meet. I would not like you should, then we become so difficult to clean. We are two completely different people. I see very clearly. I do not see the game better. Maybe I would be a stranger. Because I want to get into your world.Goyard Bags Such a contradiction that I can not explain why. Care about you, not about to do. Esprons hello, with whom he does not matter, I hopes to, you put me in my heart for a long time. Love can be said as you can. You want me black and blue is not a big deal, because you my identifis your people. I can not love you,Goyard Sale not you. But I will always be your cts, you need me.

Spend every drop of rain falls, can shake again. If the curtain of rain through the voice of his mother heard, I unconsciously look, really is my mother! She ran my ct umbrella, despite the rain wets his pants. I watched from the corner of the room with flowers,Goyard Bags were finding that they do not fall on, no matter how the rain has frapps they jug good to wear, even drop their petals, even playing Yan accompany their leaves, they are so firm position. So I give him a smile and then to the mother, she gave cal umbrella. Voil that I wrote the first article of the online test,Goyard Handbag I hopes to everyone can read a certain perception. I have a loving family, but the family conditions are not very good home rely on a fast-food restaurant and 5.

Two years ago, I had a serious illness, parents run behind my back, everywhere doctor, their anxious behavior, their mticuleux care,Goyard I am deeply grateful heart of my loving parents. One day, my father is in the hospital with all bike pack after my father had found the car driving very slowly. A few months ago, my father was tired, my disease has made him physically and mentally then. I accidentally found the head of some pre with white hair.Goyard Handbag Ah, my father has changed, old. I saw in him the vicissitudes of years and see the difficulties of life, but also saw my father has worked hard for my marks. Ah, my father has not changed, the mountains, as a pre has not changed. I still feel his warmth, his love.

Plus tard, nous continuerons avoir tortue,Goyard Sale mais il n'a pas comparu. Enfin, tous prts aller en un clair, la tortue a t lentement commencent courir. 3,2,1 commence. Lapins comme le vent se prcipita hors, la tortue a t marcher lentement pour aller. Lorsque le lapin est sa fin, a t puis. Il veut: ne pas voir la victoire devant, et ne pas abandonner. Afin de maintenir bas le lapin ne peut marcher lentement pass.Goyard Bags Soudain, un coup de vent soufflant, le lapin a saut sur le sol, juste se lever et de trouver une tortue se prpare attribuer! Lapin a demand Tiger: tortues ont t derrire moi, comment tout d'un coup la fin de celui-ci? Tiger aussi perplexe, pour vrifier le corps de la tortue.